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Robbie Raptor

& The Invisiloop

Join Robbie Raptor, the daring fighter jet, as he goes on secret missions to save the world from danger. Robbie is a special fighter jet that can become invisible, but he's sad his friends can't notice his amazing abilities. With a heartwarming message about the importance of valuing themselves, this children's book is perfect for young readers who love airplanes, action and adventure.

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Vicky Viper

& The ThunderChickens

Join Vicky Viper, the energetic little jet, on her journey to become a member of the Thunderchickens, the world’s best aerial formation team. Will Vicky’s hard work be enough to make the team? Find out in this exciting and heartwarming tale of perseverance, discipline and the pursuit of dreams.

Special Edition Hardcover

2 stories in 1

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