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About AeroSquad

The Story Behind the Squadron

The Adventures of Aero Squad is a passion project that was born in the heart of a former F-22 fighter pilot, Taylor Fox. His love for writing and aviation guided him through the creation of a wholesome book series made up of a unique squadron of junior jets.

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The Beginning

Welcome to the magical world of the AeroSquad, where imagination takes flight! In December 2022, former fighter pilot and author, Taylor, embarked on a special mission to surprise his nephew, Nolan, with a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. Drawing on his writing expertise, Taylor teamed up with his friend Celina to create a personalized children's book. From that humble beginning, a collection of over a dozen captivating characters and stories took flight, fueled by boundless imagination, creativity, and, of course, some really cool airplanes.


Based on True Events...
sort of

Each AeroSquad story is filled with action, adventure, education, and a little bit of aviation humor. The characters of the AeroSquad are based on real aircraft, not only in appearance, but in personality as well, making the stories all the more exciting and relatable to readers

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Taylor Fox

Meet the author

Taylor is a former fighter pilot with over a decade of experience flying the F-22 and F-16 for the U.S. Air Force. Taylor's love for aviation started at a very young age, as he looped through the skies with his former fighter-pilot grandfather, Papa Jack. When he's not writing books, Taylor can usually be found flying across the world as an airline pilot or hanging out with his nephews, convincing them to become pilots someday. So buckle up, put on your aviator goggles, and join Taylor on a high-flying adventure with the AeroSquad!

Celina Milla

Meet the Designer

El Salvador native Celina Milla is the designer behind the beloved character designs in AeroSquad.  Still a kid at heart, Celina has worked closely with children organizations throughout her life. Combining Taylor's keen eye for representing aircraft accurately, and her commitment to creating characters that all kids would enjoy, the AeroSquad cartoons were born.

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