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Introducing the Junior Jet Heroes of the Aero Squad

Meet the Squad

Pale Blue Robbie_edited.jpg

Robbie Raptor (F22)


Robbie Raptor is a daring and special fighter jet with a heart of gold. He can become invisible whenever he wants, but sometimes feels unnoticed by his friends. When danger arises, Robbie saves the day and learns that being proud of himself is a superpower too.

Vicky Viper (F16)


Vicky Viper is an energetic and determined young jet with a vibrant personality. She dreams big, works hard, and stays friendly while striving to achieve her goals, especially her dream of joining the ThunderChickens.

PURPLE VICKY_edited.jpg
plane friend.png

Peter Panther (F35)


Peter Panther is a brave and friendly little fighter jet. He's excited to make new friends and is always ready for an adventure. Even though he's not as fast or sleek as the other jets, Peter discovers his special abilities and learns to embrace himself just the way he is.

Sammy Strike Eagle (F15E)


Sammy is a smart and curious jet with a love for studying and eccentric fashion. Although others sometimes don't understand him, his knowledge and bravery save the day when the AeroSquad gets lost. Sammy teaches his friends the value of acceptance and being true to oneself.

sammy starchild-129.png
plane friend-108_edited.jpg

Sofia Strike Eagle (F15E)


Sarah is a kind and loving jet who adores her brother Sammy. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone in the AeroSquad accepts him, spreading kindness and teaching the importance of friendship and acceptance.

Papa Jack


Papa Jack is a wise old biplane with a twinkle in his eye. He was a hero in the war and now spends his time napping and crop dusting fields. He's full of wisdom and knows just what to say to make dreams soar high!


Harry Hornet (F18)

Project Name

Story Coming soon

Wiley Warthog (A10)


Story Coming soon

Green Wiley.png


Drogo Dragon


Drogo Dragon is a sneaky and crafty plane who thrives on causing chaos. He takes pleasure in hiding and outsmarting others. With his sharp radar and sly maneuvers, he poses a challenge for the AeroSquad in their mission to maintain peace in the skies.

BAD GUYS ON bad background-04.png

Melvin & Milton Mig

Plop Plop Bang

The Mig brothers are a mischievous duo in the skies. They are the goofy sidekicks of Drogo Dragon and tend to get lost in their Sky Bandit schemes, often unintentionally adding humor to their adventures. Despite their tendency to wander, their loyalty to Drogo never wavers.

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