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Each thrilling adventure takes children on a journey filled with courage, teamwork, and valuable life lessons. Join our squad as they navigate daring missions, face formidable challenges, and inspire young hearts to dream big. Discover an empowering series that  leaves a lasting impact on young minds.

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To the last drop of fuel!

A series for every child to learn valuable life lessons through fun adventurous stories.


All About AeroSquad

Inspire your child to reach for the skies

Welcome to the incredible world of AeroSquad, where young imaginations take flight! Join us on thrilling adventures with Robbie Raptor, Peter Panther, Vicky Viper and more! A fun, action packed series, filled with valuable life lessons for kids of all ages.

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Courage. Teamwork. Respect. Perseverance.

The perfect lessons for reading time with family

Tara J, NJ

“Packed with action and adventure, the lovable AeroSquad characters teach kids themes on self-worth, perseverance, and acceptance while nonstop entertaining!"

Catherine R, NY

"Thank you so much for writing these wonderful books! I haven't seen anything like them on the market."

Indy (Callsign), CA 

“These books are awesome, bro”

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